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          Millbrook Water Systems PO Box 1242  Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804  1-989-773-3337

Millbrook Bulk Water Documents
Commercial Businesses & Fountain Drinks
Home Installation 
Delivery Procedure
Patented Drinking Water System
No bottles to carry, store, lift, change, or dispose of.  No maintenance needed.

Patented Outside Delivery
Mill Brook system is delivered from outside the building through a locked sealed valve.

Home Owners - No need to leave your house unlocked or be at home to receive drinking water.

Banks - No need to have water delivery people using the service entrance and compromising your security system.

Businesses - No need to have water delivered during business hours disrupting employees and customers.

Patented Transportation System
The quality of the water is protected by an insulated stainless steel transport tank that is inspected and licensed by the Michigan State Health Department.

The printing ticket meter that registers the gallons delivered is state tested for accuracy, certified and sealed.

Artesian Well
A quality artesian well tested and licensed by the Michigan State Health Department.