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          Millbrook Water Systems PO Box 1242  Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804  1-989-773-3337

Millbrook Water Systems is setting a new standard for customer satisfaction throughout the industry.  Everyday more and more bottled water customers are discovering that there is a more convenient and less expensive way to get the high quality drinking water they desire.

"It works very well here, I think it would work very well anywhere.  It's convenient and the water stays clean even though we have a lot of dust in our factory"
                      -Dan Bishop, Factory Owner

"I like the fact this system is maintenance free.  I never have to worry about running our of water or switching bottles.  The system is also conveniently attached to my ice maker."
                      -Don Wentworth, Homeowner

"The quality of the water is really good, and we don't have to mess with changing and storing bottles anymore."
                                                           -Pat Olson, Business Owner

"We are using 15 to 20 gallons a day.  After switching to the Sealed System, we no longer have the hassles associated with bottled water.  We are also saving money while receiving a premium quality water.
                                                                              -Brian Smith, Office Manager

Advances in technology bring about change in every industry, and drinking water is no exception.  No longer are cumbersome 5 gallons bottles the only option for your home or office.  They have been searching for a more convenient and affordable way to obtain the high quality drinking water they desire, and there is no doubt that this patented service is what they have been looking for.